5 Latest Developments In The Field Of Jewelry Design

By | 28 February, 2017

One of the major contributors towards the growth of this industry are the beautiful designs, which the technology generated with its hi-tech software and 3D modeling techniques. The innovation in technology and the demands of unique designs have brought a revolution in the field of jewelry designing. Here, we are about to discuss five latest developments in the field of Jewelry designing that changed the market.

  1. Laser Sintering: A number of jewelry industries started manufacturing jewelry designs directly from the computer. The technology was called laser sintering and developed some amazing jewelry designs. The technology made the process of developing stunning jewelry designs for precious metals which were in powdered form. Gold, Silver, and Platinum metals are easily melted by laser technology and are drafted in any shape.
  1. CAD Softwares: The commercial production of jewelry design have shifted entirely towards CAD softwares. The CAD softwares have proved to be working more efficiently, quickly and flexibly than the traditional methods. CAD software lets designers develop creative designs and make changes at any point of development.
Jewelry hand-made by the students of DreamZone

Jewelry hand-made by the students of DreamZone

  1. 3D Printing: The traditional stages of development in the past involved making replica designs out of rubber molds that were the duplicate copies of original designs. Making changes in these designs was a challenge as the new design was developed along with the changes all over again. CAD software tools made this process just a game of few clicks. The CAD technology made it extremely easy to make duplicate copies on a CAM machine, and also get a 3D print. The 3D printing technology made it simple to design and redesign prototypes of the CAD model.
  1. Diamond Processing Technology Shift: The cutting and processing of diamonds have experienced a rapid shift from the traditional methods to the latest laser technology. Sophisticated and hi-tech machines now take care of the diamond cutting, processing and polishing. This reduced a lot of manual efforts that previously required hard work and sometimes caused human errors. Technology today can process beautiful diamonds within no time and with minimum error.
  1. Vacuum Polishing: The concept of vacuum polishing in jewelry designing introduces a brand new category of precious jewels. The magnetic shiners in these hi-tech machines add an extra glitter to the stones and jewels. This technology made it simple even to polish and glitter jewels that have minute cuts and cavities that are otherwise difficult to reach.
Jewelry hand-made by the students of DreamZone

Jewelry hand-made by the students of DreamZone

The above developments not only gave a completely new look to the wearable jewelry but got appreciation from the customers within and outside the country. As a result, there was a high demand for jewelry designers in the market.

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