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Summer Fashion Essentials: Conquer the heat in style

Summer is synonymous with sunshine, beach days, and sizzling style. But with scorching temperature, it can be a challenge to look and feel cool while staying on-trend. Fear not, fashionistas! This guide unveils the hottest summer fashion essentials for 2024, helping you build a wardrobe that’s both functional and fabulous. 1. Breathable fabrics are your… Read More »

Festive Style: Getting Ready for Diwali and the Winter Festival Season

Celebrating Festivals: A Unique Blend of Fashion and Tradition: Globally, the transition from autumn to winter ushers in a shift in fashion trends focused on staying warm. However, in India, a diverse nation, this period aligns not just with Diwali but also numerous harvest festivals across the country – from Pongal in the south to… Read More »

Fashion Trends 2023: Top 3 Picks of Our Fashion Design Students

Every season brings forth new styles and influences. We turned to the students of our Diploma in Fashion Design course to come up with the top fashion design trends for 2023. There were so many to list. But we picked one each for the three categories of theme, fabrics, and colour. Here, they are: Sustainable… Read More »

India in Fashion at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre: A Celebration of India’s Fashion Heritage

The Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre, also known as the Reliance Foundation Cultural Centre, is currently hosting a groundbreaking exhibition that explores the profound impact of Indian dress and textiles on the global fashion industry. The exhibition, titled ‘India in Fashion: The Impact of Indian Dress and Textiles on the Fashionable Imagination,’ runs from April… Read More »

Tips and Tricks for fashion design startups

Fashion design businesses are quickly transforming the direction of textile and garment manufacturing. Fashion is no longer just for a select few. Now, the market has thrown open a plethora of boutique fashion designers who are rocking the world. The fashion business is moving closer to greater demands when creative approaches such as design components,… Read More »