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Tips and Tricks for fashion design startups

Fashion design businesses are quickly transforming the direction of textile and garment manufacturing. Fashion is no longer just for a select few. Now, the market has thrown open a plethora of boutique fashion designers who are rocking the world. The fashion business is moving closer to greater demands when creative approaches such as design components,… Read More »


Game of Thrones has captivated the attention of many.  It has completed 8 successful seasons and no doubt piqued the interest of many.  Not just that it has inspired many too.   One such person who has got inspired is Masaba Gupta.She has recently released a collection of fashion which is directly influenced by the Game… Read More »

Industry Trends – The Egyptian Invention

  Egypt became one of the most prominent civilizations in ancient history ever since our ancestors left the African continent. It was known for creating long lasting trends and was also famous for manufacturing authentic jewelry and ornaments like art scarabs, lucky charms, bracelets, beaded necklaces, rings, and many more design art pieces. All the… Read More »

Industry trends – ECOVERA

Raymond makes a huge plunge into sustainable fashion by launching eco-friendly range of fabrics. Raymond ltd, the largest integrated manufacturer of fabric in the world based out of Mumbai would be using R|Elan™, a technology from Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) to manufacture eco-friendly fabrics. Raymond known for innovative fabric in both natural and man-made category… Read More »