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School of Jewelry Design

Get ready to illustrate those mind figures into real ornaments!

DreamZone School of Creative Studies provides students with an opportunity to study and imbibe jewelry designing as a career. The institution focuses on meeting the rising importance of globalization and mutuation of the traditional past. The program trains students to adopt and develop real aesthetics of designing ornaments.

The course of jewelry designing will create a suitable platform for students all over the world to study and redeem maximum career benefits. Once you have completed the course, youare aqualified designer who can create custom-made jewelry. The successful completion of the course will open door to unlimited job opportunities due to the recent boom in the industry. In addition to it, you can even design and launch your own range of exclusive jewelry in the market. Hence, immense job opportunities make it just the perfect time to consider it as a career option.

DreamZone offers a wide range of advanced, professional, and certified courses that takes jewelry designing among its core. These courses willprovide students with in-depth understanding of jewelry design creation, manufacture, and merchandise. We at DreamZone bring out innate creativity, help aspiring students, and enthusiasts to design with real skills and confidence. We make an apprentice designer to learn the basics and complexities with any type of jewelry. Through essential inference of practical work, we assist designers to blend creativity in their own portfolio styles.

Course Information

Course Title Duration (in Hrs)
  • PG diploma in Graphics & Animation
  • Master Diploma in 3D modelling & Animation
  • Master Diploma in 2D Graphics & Web Design
  • Professional in 3D Max / Maya
  • Professional in 2D Graphics & Web Design
  • Diploma in 3D set modelling & Texturing
  • Diploma in Character Modelling & Texturing
  • Diploma in Animation and Visual Effects
  • Diploma in 2D Graphics & Web Design



The course offers great career opportunities to students who can shine as Jewelry Designers & Consultants, CAD Designers, Fashion Jewelry Designers & Accessory Designers, Development Executives, Sampling Manager, Production Managers and Merchandisers. For those aiming to be Entrepreneurs can start their own Jewelry and Accessory stores.

Jewelry Designing is a growing sector of the Indian economy it earns a lot of foreign exchange for our country .More over in India people have become more conscious about the jewelry they wear, this has lead to a great demand for creative hands who can design jewelry for different occasions.

Major Job Titles & Roles

  • Jewelry Designers & Consultants.
  • CAD Designers.
  • Fashion Accessory Designers.
  • Development Executives.
  • Sampling Manager.
  • Production Managers.
  • Merchandisers

These jobs are created at Jewelry Export companies, Gems & Jewelry Industry, Jewelry retail industry, Jewelry design institutions, and entrepreneurial ventures.


  • Jewelry Illustration
  • Jewelry Making
  • Photoshop(J.CADD)
  • Jewelry Manufacturing
  • Illustrator Jcadd


The most important attribute for a jewelry designer is the sense for designing and passion towards the profession. Preferably, students above 10thstd will be able to cater better learning and make a career in this program. So, no major prerequisites attached to the program.

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