LightZap – DreamZone’s FB Contest

DreamZone announces LightZap, a Facebook contest for students all over the country. The contest is a special opportunity for exceptional DreamZone students to showcase their design talent by sharing it on social media. The contest usually runs in the months August and September.

Only the registered students of DreamZone are qualified to take part in this competition. Participants can upload the image file of their projects from different streams: Interior Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Jewelry Design, Web Design, and Animation. The projects will be judged by its creativity and the amount of admiration it receives. So, the best projects with the maximum number of likes will emerge as winners. The winner(s) will receive exciting prizes from DreamZone.

Four easy steps to win :

  • Step 1: Like us on Facebook - DreamZone FB page.
  • Step 2: Get D’Cast – a DreamZone app > Login with your DZ student ID > Get your LZ code and click ‘Participate’.
  • Step 3: Share your projects on our FB page in the format mentioned in the app.
  • Step 4: Start sharing your project link with friends. The more exposure your project gets through Likes, Shares, and Comments, the more it is likely to win!

Guidelines to remember :

  • The contest is open only for DreamZone students.
  • No restriction on the number of entries. Students can submit as many entries as they like.
  • Students are expected to submit only the best of their projects. Likewise, multiple images of a single project will not be considered either.
  • If any design software has been used, submit jpegs of rendered project file. Refrain from sending pictures taken from your phones / screenshots.
  • It is important that you mention your name, DreamZone student ID, Centre Location, and software used (if any).
  • Submit only your own projects. Genuineness of your projects will be considered while shortlisting the winner.
  • Anyone known to be purchasing Likes/Shares/Comments for your projects will be disqualified immediately.
  • To submit projects please click to copy the code below along with the format for entering details. Please note that the LZ Code is unique for your student ID without which your projects will not be considered.

The contest presents a unique opportunity for students to show off their expertise and shine amongst their friends. So get the D’Cast app > Put your thinking caps on > Start working on your fabulous idea now. Good luck!

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How To Participate In LightZap

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