Information A Student Film Festival to Encourage Young Film Makers. Anigra is held annually towards the year-end for DreamZone students across India who have enrolled in Animation and Graphics courses.
What is AniGra? Anigra is a short-film competition for the students of DreamZone; it aims at encouraging our young aspirants to bring out their talents in the field.
How I can take part? 1. Register yourself
2. Select a Category
3. Write a script and shoot the film
4. Edit with the help of staff members
5. Submit
What winners take? This competition offers the invaluable gift of networking access meetings to all and the winners are awarded cash prizes.

Anigra To encourage the spirit of capturing moments in the camera lens, DreamZone provides an amazing opportunity for all its students to showcase their talents and open new career doors. ANIGRA is a short film contest held annually for the DreamZone students across India enrolled in Animation and Graphics courses.

For this contest, students are expected to shoot an AV short film or an ad film which will be screened and evaluated on the grounds of best Direction, Script Writing, Camera Techniques, Special Effects and Editing. Not merely providing a platform to showcase their talents, ANIGRA praises talented students by invaluable prizes of networking access meetings.
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I Din't Drink But I Died A film on how drinking and driving affects even those who don't drink and drive.
Endru Thanium PSA on sexual abuse awareness
Delo Pins An advertisement on Delo Pins
Ninja Quest Ninjas from two different clans fight for the sacred water.
Thunindhusel Creating awareness for the transgenders who are often shunned in our community.
Puthumugam Never judge anyone at first sight. You can never know their entire story in just a few minutes.
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