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How has 3D Printing in Healthcare become a Prescription for the Future?

3D printing in Healthcare was determined when a five-month-old girl from Karnataka was diagnosed with craniosynostosis. The problem is described as two bones of her skull were fused together that hinder the development of her brain. To solve this, a team of doctors at Sakra World Hospital in Bengaluru performed the “skull expansion” surgery separating more »

3D Game Asset Design

Everything that is part of the game is called a game asset. The possible assets of any game include sound effects, modules, sprites, 3D models, and modules. For example, the assets of your design could include characters, vehicles, object or much more. A game generally has two verticals game designing and game programming. Both these more »

Powerful Light Designing Skills Providing a Breakthrough for Creative Professionals

Lighting Arrangement is considered one of the most important parts in designing any area, from homes to corporates for natural and well as electrical supplies. Lighting Arrangement is also an important factor of night shows and events or even for an everyday routine in a city mall. Technology has no doubt raised the bar for more »