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School of Interior Design

Combining form and function to make life easier

Interior designers make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful for almost every type of building: offices, homes, airport terminals, shopping malls, and restaurants. They select and specify colors, finishes, fabrics, furniture, flooring and wall coverings, lighting, and other materials to create useful and stylish interiors for buildings. Interior designers help transform spaces and are specialists in combining form and function.

At DreamZone's School of Interior Design, we equip our students to challenge the ways in which people perceive an office or a shopping mall or a home. Working with specialist tutors from within the industry, we teach the skills needed to practice as a professional interior designer equipping each student with an exciting and professional portfolio of work. We also offer our unique philosophy to those who want to improve the quality of their own living and working environment through a selection of short course

Course Information

We teach basics of engineering drawings, theories related to basic design which includes design principles, design elements, materials, services and also interior landscaping.


Our expert faculty members impart training in software like AutoCAD (2D Software), 3DS Max (3D Software), and Photoshop that cover all aspects of drawings. Every student submits residential and commercial projects and reports involving not only software but also freehand sketching, pencil and ink rendering, and model making.


Available Courses

DreamZone offers the following courses, designed to suit the various career and business needs of our students:

Course Title Duration (in Hrs)
  • Master Diploma In Interior Architecture & Design                 
  • Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design
  • Professional in IAD Grafx
  • Diploma in IAD Grafx
  • CAD for creative Design
  • Design Visualisation


Though, the pre-requisites for joining our courses can be a basic pre-university education, we place huge importance to our students' artistic aptitude and creative bent.

Our faculty members are architecture graduates of India's leading Universities, and Master Diploma holders in interior architecture and design recognized by Indian Institute of Interior Design. Our students have turned out to be leading architects, undertaking turnkey interior projects, and project consulting; apartment developers, designers of furniture, ready kitchen, sanitary wares. Some of them have also become successful teachers conducting interior designing courses. The credit to our success rightly goes to our updated and authorized courseware, and the motivation we give to our students to learn designing by doing their own projects.


Upon completion of the course, students can benefit from the following career opportunities:

  • Interior Designer
  • Self Employed Interior Designer
  • Residential Space Planner
  • Kitchen Designer
  • Commercial Interior Space Planner
  • Set Designer for film and TV media
  • Theatre Design
  • CAD Draftsman in Architecture firms
  • Freelancers
  • Higher Studies

This flexible part-time learning program is ideal for the students who had no exposure to a graduate program from a formal higher education institution, as the course imparts students the knowledge of basic to advanced design concepts, aided with practical project work, supported by lectures, seminars and workshops, and site visits.

Join our Master Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design!


  • Interior Architucture & Designs
  • Interior Architucture & Designs
  • Creative CAD
  • Foundation 3Ds max
  • Photoshop


You should have a design/art background and basic computer knowledge. No Previous Experience with graphical software is required.

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