Festive Style: Getting Ready for Diwali and the Winter Festival Season

By | 5 October, 2023

Celebrating Festivals: A Unique Blend of Fashion and Tradition:

Globally, the transition from autumn to winter ushers in a shift in fashion trends focused on staying warm. However, in India, a diverse nation, this period aligns not just with Diwali but also numerous harvest festivals across the country – from Pongal in the south to Makar Sankranti in the west, Magh Bihu in the northeast, and Lohri in the north. In this context, fashion must integrate a distinct regional flavour into its collections.

Timeless Traditions and Modern Expressions in 2023:

In 2023, some timeless choices persist. Women continue to favour traditional attire like sarees, salwar kameez, or Anarkali suits, while men gravitate towards classics such as pyjamas and dhoti kurtas. However, the younger generation’s fashion preferences lean towards a fusion of tradition and modernity, as they explore a wide spectrum of colours, fabrics, and styles to express their unique personalities.

Blending Tradition and Modernity: 

The spotlight in fashion remains on highly embellished and exquisitely styled traditional Indian outfits. Yet, the real excitement lies in the realm of fusion wear and Indo-western styles that reflect evolving style sensibilities. Fusion wear, which combines elements of traditional attire with Western pieces like jeans or skirts, is gaining popularity among the youth.

Embracing Eco-Fashion: A Sustainable Shift in Style:

Sustainability is also a growing concern, leading young fashion enthusiasts to favour eco-friendly options, including upcycled and handwoven garments. Fashion is not just about what you wear but also how you wear it, as enthusiasts seek innovative ways to transform their looks.

Luxurious Fabrics: A Tapestry of Choices in Fashion:

In terms of fabric choices, luxurious materials like satin, muslin, organza, and cotton continue to be favoured. Additionally, fabrics such as chanderi silk and cotton blends, denim, linen, and silk blends like silk-cotton and silk-georgette are equally sought after. These blends offer a balance of comfort and elegance.

Enchanting Shades: Top Festive & Winter Colours:

The top ten colours expected to lead the colour palette for the festive and winter seasons include classic blue, crystal teal, green jacket, rubicund, orchid, jaffa orange, calendula, bright chartreuse, love potion, and star white. These shades have become favourites among young Indians, particularly for ethnic attire. Neutral tones like beige and ivory are also popular for their understated charm. Meanwhile, lively colours like electric blue, fiery red, and neon shades make a bold statement in the fashion world.