Top 10 Web Designing Trends for 2017

By | 31 March, 2017

The last few years in the internet design industry have experienced a huge change in terms of business. Designers and developers across the globe have been constantly making efforts to develop a web presence that captures attention. Here are the most popular trends for the year 2017 that changes the way websites looked online.


  1. Web presence gaining attention: Big business houses nowadays are not only focused on their business activities but also the ways in which their online websites are serving them. And for this, they have set up dedicated web designing teams that collaborate with the developers to constantly innovate with unique web layouts to pull in more visitors.


  1. Tools that changed the world of web designing: A number of tools have hit the market that perfectly aligns the work of designers and developers. Some of the applications are Flexbox, Webflow, Figma, and much With their hi-end capabilities, these tools brought about new improvements and a wide array of options changing the static websites to the dynamic ones.


  1. Web sites went Responsive: These highly sophisticated tools breaks all the web designing constraints that have restricted the independence of website layouts making them responsive.


  1. The Virtual Reality World: The world of Virtual reality is undoubtedly changing the internet despite the fact that many browsers do not completely support this technology. The year of 2017 is definitely going to bring the Virtual reality right into people’s homes and on their work desks.


  1. Web API’s that adds the WebVR element: Developers and designers are using the WebVR API that offers access to all Virtual Reality devices such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, etc. The WebVR is working perfectly on Firefox Nightly builds, Chrome 56+ for Android, and other experimental builds of Chromium for Windows.


  1. Development went Visual: Designers and developers are today working together to deliver business websites with exceptional functionalities. Technology has made the line more diminished between designing and development methods.


  1. Content became the key: Web researchers, in the past one year, noticed that the reason audience stayed on a website was, probably the strong content. Interactive and engaging conversational content helped business prosper.


  1. Customization Options: The internet is offering users a number of options such as sharing the web page on a social platform, bookmarking, as well as using a customized feed.


  1. The Visitor Focus: Web developers are not only in designing websites that are responsive, or conversational, they are also now focused on the type of audience that is visiting the website on the geographical locations.


  1. Colors that added personality: With the rising online competition among the business website, designers made a move towards more vibrant and bright colors. The best example that can prove this element is Asana and Instagram that changed their color schemes that are eye- capturing.


Apart from these trends, there are several other factors that are going to change the online world. The technology is undoubtedly growing every day and surprising us with its new experiments in the modern world. To learn more about web designing, join the web designing courses offered by DreamZone. Being one of the primary arms of the CADD Centre Training Services, DreamZone offers industry based and in demand courses for students and professionals to help them accelerate in their career. Join today and get certified by one of the biggest brands on the globe.