Interior Designing Trends to look for in 2017

By | 16 February, 2017

Social media have undoubtedly made the world a small place to live in. Along with the traditional interior styles, people are now making a move towards the international ones too. And this market demand made the Indian market hit interior styles from across the globe.

Layered designs replaced the Rigid Geometries: Interiors in the recent past years have been influenced by rigid geometries and sharp design patterns. These patterns are likely to move out of the living areas in the year 2017. Instead, these are replaced by layered designs which are cool and simple. Interior designing professionals believe that wavy, cool and simple designs will definitely add an extra warmth in home and workplace interiors.

Changing the Colors: Color schemes have experienced a lot more change as the year 2016 came to an end. Not only shopping areas such as showrooms and mall stores went for a change, even the home interiors ditched pale colors such as a lighter shade of Pink and went for a comparatively brighter shade of Forest green. The new colors are undoubtedly giving the interiors a modern moody comeback. These schemes are dark, but they give a fresh look.


Flashy Metallic Shine: Interior designs in the past were dazzled by the flashy metallic shines. This trend created a huge wave as many interiors changed their look from the sober color patterns to these bright metal designs. But as time is moving on, people are replacing these metallic shiny surfaces with matte finished ones. Neutral colors and primitive steel designs have replaced the older interior elements.




Design your own: Apart from changing your interiors with the trends, another exciting thing about interior designing is, now being an owner of your home, you can design interiors yourselves. A number of tools and applications today are hitting the market that makes it easy even for a layman user to design their dream home. Equipped with powerful capabilities, applications such as RoomToDo, Room Sketcher, Small Blue Printer are available free of cost in the market.

These tools, methods, and trends made the dreams of many people come true who always wanted to design their homes. The digital applications allowed people to add more details and improve the quality of the designs. Graphics and animation made it easy to visualize how the interiors might look after they are implemented. This also made the clients more aware of the changes they expect to see making them more satisfied and happy.