Jewelry Designers Requirement in the Industry

By | 24 August, 2016


The Gems and Jewelry sector is one of the major contributors to the Indian economy and forms about 6-7% of GDP. According to the Gems and Jewelry Export Promotion Council, about 95% of the world’s diamonds are exported from India. The Indian Gems and jewelry market consists of more than 500,000 players and a majority of them are small players. But, with the adoption of western lifestyle, some big changes in consumer preferences are being witnessed by the Gems and Jewelry sector. New designs and varieties are being demanded which are better fulfilled by branded jewelers rather than unorganized local players. The industry is falling short of the number of skilled manpower. As a result, the Gems and Jewelry Skill Council is planning to train, skill and enhance over four million people by 2022.

The core competencies that the industry is looking for in the jewelry designers are the ability to think creatively and to produce new ideas with a vision. They should be able to work practically with the materials and tools. The profession requires attention to detail and an efficient hand-eye coordination. You will need to show your ability to produce an artwork that the market desires. Being skilled at drawing and computer design is also required.

There are no specific entry requirements for becoming a jewelry designer, as such your skills and experience matter more than qualifications. Mostly, a foundation degree, degree or HND in subjects like jewelry design, jewelry, and metal design, designed metalwork and jewelry, silversmithing or 3D design is possessed by fashion designers. Completing a degree majoring in Furniture or product design might also help. If you are serious into jewelry designing, completing an apprenticeship under a recognized jewelry designer can be a good way to start. There you can gain valuable experience and pick up necessary tips and tricks to design jewelry on your own. Having a foundation degree, HND or art and design degree in fashion design, textile design, fine arts or applied art can give you an advantage.

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