3D Game Asset Design

By | 28 October, 2016
3D Animation from DreamZone

3D Animation

Everything that is part of the game is called a game asset. The possible assets of any game include sound effects, modules, sprites, 3D models, and modules. For example, the assets of your design could include characters, vehicles, object or much more.

A game generally has two verticals game designing and game programming. Both these might sound same but are actually different have a totally different work.

Game Designing

A game designer is an artistic person who views the needs of the gamers in a big picture. Game designing involves the study of working of the game. The role of a game designer involves

  • Creating the game structure along with the rules.
  • Collaborating with other members to release the game in the market.
  • Developing the concept, layout, and game-play of the game.
  • Project documentation creation and management.
Gaming Animation

Animation Class in DreamZone

Game Programming

Game programming involves integrating art and sound based on the design specification and converting it into a playable game. Game programming requires a knowledge of programming languages, scripting languages and API’s. The role of a game programmer involves

  •  Implementing and programming artificial intelligence.
  • Graphics and network programming.
  • Mapping terrain of the game environment.
  • Connecting input with the events happening on the screen.

3D Modeler

A 3D modeler has a very important role in 3D game development. A 3D modeler creates three-dimensional computer models. The models include objects from angles. 3D modelers design the required games, characters, and props.


All the animation and graphics are done using software. Once you enter into 3D graphics, you need to choose an application to work. The most popular computer graphics applications are Maya and 3ds Max. Both these have their own strengths and depends on how you want to use them. Both Maya and 3ds Max are powerful in their own way.

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