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Diploma in Graphic Design (200 hours)

Graphics is a clever combinations of forms, fonts, and colors in wide range of media. Professionals of almost all walks of life need a smart, inspiring introduction to graphic design.

The need for presenting ideas in Web, which is becoming a communication and commercial medium of major influence, is only increasing. Since the Web is finding its way onto devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, and more, the web designing skills are being in huge demand.

Course Objective

Organised around some of the formal elements and phenomena of design, the course aims to teach all aspects of graphic and web design.


The course builds interest around simple relationships between formal elements of two-dimensional design such as point, line, plane, scale, hierarchy, layers, and transparency; and explains the key concepts of visual language that inform any work of design - from a logo or letterhead to a complex web site.

The course also imparts a basic understanding of how the Web and web pages work; and once they learn these fundamentals, students are taught interaction design and user interface design.

Software Used: Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator & Indesign.

The course covers:

  • Design Fundamentals
  • Software
  • Print & Publishing tools and techniques

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Eligibility :
SSLC or 10th pass is desirable. However, anyone who is interested in creative design can take up this course.

Studio Equipment:
The basic kit consisting of drawing equipment and supplies helps the students to carry out the studio works efficiently.

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