Illustrating Evolution of Jewelry Design from Conceptualization to 3D Printing

By | 21 November, 2016

The jewelry designing is making multiple routes from the creative art of making a design which later transforms to practical jewelry. The change in the evolution experiences with the 3D printed jewelry as more and more jewelry designers are printing their designs at this moment of time. However, the 3D pieces of designs look and feel the same as real casted objects of jewels, 3D prints in jewelry are going to the mainstream. Go, further and have a closer look towards what led to the evolution of 3D printing of jewelry.

Requirements to Make 3D Print Jewelry

While talking about and combining the sets for 3D print jewelry, it includes many different technologies. Some of the printers make use of filament, powder and other works with materials such as liquid resin or wax. However, all the 3D printers make use of one thing which is completely standard for all the components is a 3D file. Also, the files generate with the use of different 3D modeling software. The 3D file includes everything which needs printing the object. Hence, when a person receives a 3D file from client’s end, he knows the exact requirement or what does the customer expects.

3D Printing Technology for Jewelry Industry

This section will describe the preference of technology for printing 3D design. In the stream to create jewelry in gold, silver, bronze, copper and brass, the use of Lost-Wax Printing and Casting is the right way. This technology is efficient to build modern printing technique as well as excellent traditional metal casting. The process begins when you will start to 3D print your model in wax. The printers make use of wax as the material to print.

Benefits of 3D Printing Technology

Till date, the technique is the most economical way to create 3D printing jewelry. Also, it will produce the vigilant, real and complete substantial piece of jewelry with the clean & smooth surface as per the expectations. However, you can always give manual finishes after the process of printing. Moreover, the biggest benefit is now the designers need not worry about the production process of the evolution of 3D file. The required changes within the 3D file are easy to do by bringing the subsequent changes in software model which is possible within a fraction of seconds.

Hence, the 3D designing experience with the help of software and 3D file is not only efficient but easy for the designers to make changes plus delivering the best objects to the clients is now possible. Students can avail 3D jewelry printing certification course with DreamZone. The Institute splurges in the 3D printing technologies, 3D modeling, and 3D printing to enlighten the scope in today’s era.