Dream Zone Hazratganj workshop on Interior and Fashion Design

By | 7 July, 2014

DreamZone, School of creative studies,  always stands ahead in engaging the students and the general public in all creative works and activities. On that note, Dream Zone, Hazratganj is on with its next workshops for the month of July. Workshops are on Stencil Printing, Paper Lamp Shape and Make-up and hair styling.  These workshops are to be held on 11th, 18th & 19th of July 2014 in the duration of two hours.



Stencil Printing:

Stencil printing is Painting, Brushing and Spraying paint over the cuts of stencils. Stencil Printing Design is done on any pattern, holes and cuts of cardboards or metals. It is  commonly used in interior decoration. Workshop on stencil Printing is on the 11th of July, which will be headed by the experts of DreamZone Hazratganj, school of Interior design.

Paper Lamp Shape:

Paper lamp is one of the decorative items that is used in interior designing. These lamps are made with Paper cut design or  by joining papers together. Attend the workshop on 18th July and learn to make one of the effective and cost cutting decoration that can be used to decorate your own space.

Make-up and hair styling:

Everyone out there want to be presentable and dolled up in all occasions. Being dressed up gives all of us a string of happiness, but to add on, being professional in what we do is icing on the cake. So, here is an opportunity by Dreamzone, school of fashion for all out there to learn ‘’make up and hair styling’’. Attend a workshop on 19th July, at the premises of Dream Zone Hazratganj centre.

The workshop is open to all, attend it and get the opportunity to learn the best of creativity. This workshop goes in hand with all of us as its easy to practice and follow all by ourselves.

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