Sustainability in interior design with Green Interiors!

By | 31 October, 2022

Sustainability has become a mantra in every aspect of life today. Being kind towards nature, and using organic and non-toxic materials are the objectives for a safe and healthy environment. Recycling resources and waste materials also double up in building a conscious lifestyle. Sustainability in today’s world ranges from beauty, fashion, food and technology.  To change the world completely, we must change ourselves. Similarly, to nail the concept of sustainability effectively in our day-to-day life, shall we take a conscious step towards eco interiors?

Sustainability in interior design aims to work with raw materials to bring out high-quality and long-lasting products that have a minimal impact towards the environment. Let’s explore more options to keep our interior space greener than before!

Plants and natural light:

Plants help us to lift our mood and feel refreshed. Fill your space with indoor plants that can purify the air quality and as well as add charm to your interiors. Besides, natural light reduces energy consumption and creates spaciousness in the room we are in. One practical tip to boost natural lighting is by decorating adjacent walls or windows with mirrors. Opting for LED lights can also be efficient in reducing energy consumption as it provides warm lighting and is long-lasting as well.

Jute and bamboo:

Jute being a textured fabric and an all-time eco choice for sustainable interiors makes the space aesthetic through its rustic look. Style up your interiors with furniture, carpets and cushions made of jute. Swings made of jute ropes also turn out to be a lively element to rest ourselves. Whereas, types of furniture made of bamboo, rattan and wicker are sustainable yet minimalistic. They are an alternate option for plastics and make an elegant choice to brighten interior spaces.

Industrial style interiors:

One more choice for a thoughtfully designed interior space is Industrial style design. This style is often featured through its unfinished looks like neutral tones, recycled wooden flooring, minimal furniture, metal surfaces, brick walls and exposed pipes. All these create a bold and balanced statement which turns out to be a top trend for sustainable interiors.

Terracotta and concrete flooring:

Rich in earthly tones and spreading warmth, terracotta pleases with its natural look and becomes one of the sustainable floor options. They are durable and help to keep the interior spaces cool and comfortable. Concrete flooring is another option for sustainability. They are cost-effective, keep the space cool and reduce the usage of electricity. They can be recycled and with conscious maintenance, they can last lifelong.

Wooden false ceilings and cork wallpapers:

Wooden false ceiling is a cool option for modern homes. It is durable and cozy. Opt for white wooden ceilings that create space and light for interiors.

Go green with sustainable cork wallpapers. Cork, which is made from cork oak has anti-bacterial properties. It prevents the development of fungi and mould. They provide warmth and are easy to maintain.

Sustainability is the need of an hour and helps to save the future in conscious ways. Let’s embrace nature through our simple sustainable lifestyle. Together, it’s our responsibility to make nature a better place for a safe and healthy existence.


Incorporating sustainable practices into interior design not only promotes environmental responsibility but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of spaces. By implementing the tips mentioned, such as utilizing renewable materials and maximizing natural light, you can create stylish and eco-friendly interiors designs that contribute to a greener future. To enhance your skills, consider pursuing a course in Interior design to explore the world of design.