Running into the new year with Reebok’s Plant-Based Running Shoes

By | 30 December, 2019

Sustainability never looked and felt so good!

With growing number of athletes every year and their concerns for sustainability which I repeat shouldn’t compromise on their performance Reebok takes the first initiative by bring a complete plant based Running shoe.

It hard to make a product completely sustainable let along a running shoes that for decades have been made out of petroleum based fabrics and materials. While many sports brands have taken tiny steps towards sustainability by making footwear out of recycled Fabrics or recyclable fabrics, Reebok’s move would stay a bold step. For once athletes around the world should have to be guilty for every step and achievement they make.

The footwear is called as GROW – Forever Floatride which would launch in the coming year. Reebok oil based plastics with materials made out of Castor Seed Oil, Eucalyptus Tree, Algae and Natural Rubber.