3D Printing and Fashion Design Industry

By | 18 October, 2018

3D printing has not only covered the engineering industry, but it has also made its mark on the fashion industry. Now called the technology of additive manufacturing, 3D printing brought us an entirely new reality of highly customizable products.

Ever since its onset, 3D printing is fascinating us with its remarkable products. Let us take a short tour of how it is on its way to change the fashion industry.

  • Developing Garments: At the present times, it is difficult to print flexible garments easily through 3D printing. The process takes a lot of time and achieving flexibility in these garments is also tricky. Still, we hope to see them in the market in the coming years.
  • Jewelry: 3D printing is being used to develop some simple as well as complex partsof fashion jewelry.
  • Meshed Garments: To overcome the rigidity constraints, most of the 3D printed garments are developed using mesh. NASA is working on the same concept to print a 3D mesh coat for astronauts.
  • Leather Accessories: 3D printing is also used to produce metal parts and leather goods. This is the most budget-friendly method to generate these products as the technology uses only the required materials.

Apart from these, 3D printing is also used in watchmaking and footwear design. Despite all the challenges, the technology is already offering exciting perspectives in the fashion design industry.