8 Steps for Transforming Shabby Furniture to Contemporary Classic

By | 1 January, 2018
8 Steps for Transforming Furniture

Shabby to contemporary

During the 1970s, the furniture and interior decoration were expressed in filthy forms where wealth was king and money seemed to flow like water. However, everything was changed with the arrival of credit crunch and banking crisis. People all over the nation are getting over the minimalist hotel-style décor and moving towards recycled, vintage, fabulous paint effects with some truly awesome DIY ideas.

The new furniture styles suggest more of personality and less of status. If you have the similar viewpoint towards furniture and other wooden objects, follow us and learn how to achieve the ‘look’:

Preparing the Wood

Take out the extra layer of wood finish to stick the new paintwork to the surface. To remove the varnishing, make use of sandpaper or varnish remover. However, if the wood has been polished with wax, a white spirit or wire wool pad should do the trick.

Coating with Acrylic Primer

The coat gives your furniture with a smoother finish making it easier to work on. It is fine if you are bad at using the brush because it is a shabby chic project. In the end, it will be super, have fun!

Double Layer of Paint

Apply a couple of thin layers of colored water-based acrylic paint. Once, you have completed the first layer, let it dry completely before adding the next one. Gently rub the first layer with sandpaper for providing a better finish.

Achieve the plain, painted wood

Seal the paint with acrylic varnish and then carry out the final step mentioned below.

Revamping Interior

Shabby furniture to contemporary

Distress your Painted Wooden Furniture

It involves the application of two different colors for distressed finish wherein the second layer is removed to the reveal the first natural wear and tear look.

Applying the First Color

Once, you have applied the layer of the first color, allow it to dry completely. Now, by using kitchen sponge or cloth, use the furniture wax where you want the wood to look distressed. Lately, you will need to include the second layer of paint over the whole thing. Wipe the furniture with soft cotton cloth, leaving a brilliant effect on the piece of furniture.

To Gain Distress Look

Attack the pre-painted furniture scraping with the wire wool or sandpaper for taking off the paint as deep as wood level. If you observe any loopholes, just wax or repaint it. Well, it is not difficult to achieve the distress effect on the furniture after following the above steps.


In the end, you only need good quality clear wax furniture polish as it leaves beautiful luster while protecting the surface.

Hands-on to the above steps and go on converting your bed, wardrobe, chairs, and dressing tables into a contemporary classic. And, if you have better suggestions to add to the list, then mention those in the comment section below.