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Discover the Creativity in You!

CADD Centre through its initiative CADD@School and SBU DreamZone presents a unique opportunity to unleash your creativity. If you are a student of classes 8 & 9 grade, get trained on software like AutoCAD, Photoshop and Flash in any of the DreamZone centres. While mastery of AutoCAD will help you in your education by introducing you to Creative Design, mastery of Photoshop and Flash will help you in Graphic Design and Web Design respectively.

Why should you be creative?

There is a great demand for creative and innovative people in all walks of life. Creative geniuses invent new products or innovate on the existing products like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc. Yet others go on to become Michaelangelos, Mozarts & Walt Disneys.

And they all started young.

So, why not prepare yourself at school level itself when the mind is fresh and more receptive. What is more, it takes only 40 hours to learn each of the software.

What are the benefits of doing these courses? These courses will:

  • Help stimulate the working of your right brain
  • Compel you to think out of the box
  • Conceptualize & visualize new ideas, solutions and products.
  • Help you not only discover but also will expose your creative side.
  • Increases your levels of confidence.
  • Gives you a great sense of achievement.

Why DreamZone?

  • A division of CADD Center
  • 9 years experience
  • Trained more than 10,000 students on creativity
  • Networked by a large number of centres
  • Trainers are themselves creative artists
  • World class course material
  • Internationally recognized certificate
  • Lifelong free support in case you want to upgrade your knowledge.

Why wait!

Come plunge into the world of Creativity, Conceptualization & Visualization.

For more details please write to km.venkataraman@caddcentre.com

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