Time to give your old denim a makeover!

By | 27 August, 2019

Well, yes you read it right! Just like we need a makeover to feel more confident. So does your old pair of jeans or your denim jacket! For the same reason of course. Give you old denim a new look and wear it in style and confidence. Be a proud trendsetter in town. Some creative ways of revamping your denims are:

1.Patch it up – You can sew a patch here and a patch there on your old denim and make it trendy in no time. You can buy the patches in any craft store or even online. If you are the funky type go for bright colored patches to get all the attention you deserve!

2.Add a sparkle – you can decorate the cuffs and give your dying denim a new life! Pearls, shiny stones, buttons or beads, they all give a stunning look to your denims. Go for this style and you are sure to have followers!

3.Add color to it – get your art hat on! Time to use some fabric paint to add some color to your denim. Bring out your creativity and make some amazing painting on your old denim. Woala! You have recreated fashion and woken up the fashionista that you have always been.