Deck up with alloys!

By | 26 September, 2022

Elegant and unique, a woman stands out bright and gorgeous in every piece of jewelry that she adorns. Pieces of jewelry are a form of the cultural and traditional statement that women are wearing for ages. What makes a piece of jewelry look so graceful? It keeps inspiring us through its colour, and design and why not? Materials play a major role to shape the beauty of jewelry.

People have made a variety of jewelry with different materials through the ages. Understanding the quality of the material and what it is all about, helps us to choose our jewelry collections wisely with care.

Let us have a broader view of how metals evolved into jewelry with the trending needs of generations.


Jewelry made with platinum is a popular choice to move ahead as the metal has a beautiful white colour that does not corrode or require polishing. Pieces of jewelry in a platinum range from bracelets and earrings and are gaining attention for uniqueness and creativity in their design. It is preferred with embedded diamonds for party wear outfits.


Gold is the most commonly used metal in jewelry making. To speak about its qualities, it does not oxidize or corrode unless acids or hot chlorine bleach are used on it. Gold is well known for making traditional necklaces, earrings bangles and rings. Whereas, rose gold is another variant of gold that comes out in a more reddish colour are generally used for making engagement and wedding rings.

Moving to know what the trending design is, chunky gold jewelry is highly in demand and has become a main staple for the gen – Z in fashioning. The trend is followed by both men and women where the jewelry, can be worn as a chocker or as a long pendant necklace. This chunky jewelry can generally be styled or paired along with gold hoop earrings as well as stackable bracelets and anklets. This retro fashion is booming in the market and is available with lesser weight and is affordable too.


The year 2022 is all about an exquisite, classy and adorable silver jewelry design. Silver necklaces that are lustrous, ductile and malleable are abundant and less expensive than gold and platinum. The jewelry comes out in layered designs that suit both casual and office looks. Whereas, filigree combines with silver to bring life to intricately crafted metalwork jewelry. Dual tone jewelry which holds both silver and gold is always a trend to be beheld. The trend is versatile and adorable with its unconventional designs.


Brass is now a favorite wardrobe essential for fashionistas. Brass is made with a mixture of copper and zinc. Brass is a flexible material which can merely be shaped to any design with a matte and glossy finish. It is easily molded to create jewelry and inexpensive as well. Jewelry styles in a brass range from dramatic bangles and rings to dainty beaded earrings and turn out to be attractive through their golden tone. This metal is preferred for making artificial jewelry and exclusive designs came out trendy for spiritual decorations and dances.


A symbol of boldness and style, Bronze – A timeless piece of metal which does not need maintenance. Made with a mixture of copper and tin, bronze is durable and affordable. Handmade bronze, unisex jewelry is getting a lot of attention. As men and women wear bold solo chains for casual outfits. Whereas bronze pendants are simple as well as enhance one’s look with any attire which gives an ethnic look.

Oxidized metals have become an integral part of the millennial wardrobe.

The metal is oxidized by the blackening of silver on exposure to the liver of sulphur. The design created with this metal varies from bracelets, amulets earrings and anklets. The oxidized jewelry is in favour to go with attires ranging from Khadi to taanth saree with its eccentric and eye-catching designs.

With the growing need for a variety of collections in Jewelry, designs are being more innovative. Technological advancements in design software and youngsters choosing their career pathways in jewelry design have given birth to loads of exclusive collections. Styling jewelry is now a form of expression as it is no longer a restriction to be worn for traditional outfits. It can be paired for different combinations. As generation evolves and days pass by there is no end to the evolution of jewelry design.