Publish your creative work on D’CAST and easily share it with your peers and prospective companies!

When you apply for a job or higher studies in subjects like fine arts, graphic designing, fashion designing, interior designing or any other hands-on discipline, a portfolio is a vital part of your application. A portfolio that defines your skills and ideas should be easily accessible and therefore, we are introducing a new android application for the students of DreamZone - D’Cast, to easily share and upgrade their portfolio.

Why is D’Cast necessary for all design students?

  • The app brings the easiest and intuitive way to maintain your creations.
  • It is extremely handy to take anywhere and to share with friends & family.
  • It will help you display your work/designs elegantly during an interview.
  • It is equipped with a feature to share your creations on social media.

Give an edge to your innovative mind! Present your powerful portfolio professionally.

Placement Offered

Backing 12 years of experience in the Creative Education Services, DreamZone offers 100% placement in top-notch companies with a good package.

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