5th Anigra Short Film Festival Programme Announced

19th September 2017

Anigra is a National Short Film Festival for students of DreamZone to showcase their film making skills to the industry experts. Anigra’17, which was held at Sathyam Cinemas on 14thSeptember 2017 between 7 am to 10 am, was organized by DreamZone, a creative skill development initiative of CADD Centre Training Services Private Limited. It is the 5th consecutive year;Anigra has successfully exhibited artistic flairs.

In the series of events organized by DreamZone for the skill development and promotion of participation, Anigra is one popular event held annually for the students enrolled in Animation and Graphics courses. The contest invites students to shoot an AV short film or an advertisement that was evaluated on the grounds of Best Direction, Script Writing, Camera Techniques, and Editing.

The recently held event witnessed a list of Chief guests, Mr.Kasthuri Raja, Director, Mr. Jayavelan (Director and Producer of NalayaIyakkunar in Kalaignar TV), Mr. Jayaprakash, Zebronics and Regional Head - Mr.Greenlow Jackson. For presenting the honors to chief guests, we had Mr.Karaiadiselvan, Managing Director - DreamZone, Mr.N.Subramanian, Vice President, Mr. Shankar, Senior Vice President and National Manager Mr.J.Arunprasath.

These emerging filmmakers brought a new space to imagination, creativity, innovation through the launch of Anigra’17. Submissions of the genres including Short films, Advertisement, and PSA displayed the incredible talent among the students. Also, the event witnessed celebrities such as Actor- Jiva Ravi, Soundhar, Saivam Ravi Editor – Subhash, Assistant Director of Maanagaram:Vivek, Director- Rambala, etc. to encourage the emerging talent.

The jury members made of influential industry figures including Mr. Mahendiran and Mr. Chandramohan short-listed 31 movies from 100 entries. However, only 18 entries got awarded.

Winners of Anigra 2017 include KasiVishwanath, DreamZone -Mylapore for Best Short Film, B.Hari, DreamZone -Tirupathi for Best PSA, and Spark, DreamZone -Velacherry for Best Advertisement. Apart from the top winners’ category, there were contestants from Lucknow (Vikas), Jayanagar, and Shivajinagar who received special jury award for representing a sight of their exceptional skills. In addition, the contest presented two awards across the categories such as script, direction, camera, editing, and VFX.


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