Dreamzone Graduation Day 2018

Dreamzone Graduation Day 2018 was held at Hazratganj & Alambagh, Lucknow on 29/9/2018 at Hotel CHARANS Plaza Hazratganj, Lucknow. Dreamzone course completed and course perusing students had participated in the event. The event has got initiated with lamp lighting ceremony and followed by motivational speech. Students had got their Diploma Certifica... readmore

Dreamzone at Zingbi Fall Fashion Show

Dreamzone students participated in the Zingbi Fall Fashion show , which was held on july 1st 2018, at Hotel Davanam Sarovar, Kormangala, Bangalore. DreamZone  is an education partner of PSY. Dreamzone  has participated with 34 designers, with 2 different themes. Voluminous Theme with Fullness had been shown in the garments at hemlin... readmore

Wall Decor

Dreamzone Coimbatore conducted Wall Decor workshop was held on 30-06-2018 for observed by 14 participants; The workshop started with Introduction of Dreamzone and course availability, followed by demo on doing Wall Decor using Handmade Sheet. It was a fun and successful workshop. ... readmore

Fashion Week Lucknow

Mr Akshay Kumar Pandey, the Centre Head of DreamZone Vikas Nagar, Lucknow made an association with Fashion Week Lucknow as an Education Partner. The show was held from 21st to 23rd March, 2018 and many big names from the Fashion Industry were a part of the event, i.e. Ramesh Dembla, Nick Roshan, Roshan Kumar, Ab Walliuddin Ahmed Chowdhury (Banglade... readmore

AP Fashion Week

AP Fashion Week was conducted by the 3 DreamZone centres of Andra Pradesh - Hyderabad, Tirupathi, and Vijayawada. The fashion show was conducted in 3 consecutive days from 16th to 18th March, 2018. APFW is a platform not only for the designers of Andhra Pradesh but also for the national level designers.  This is one of the most premium show... readmore

Photography Event

DreamZone Trichy organized an event to teach Photography and its basics to the enthusiastic audience. The event was held on 10th Mar, 2018 for an audience of 70; it was conducted by Mr Santhosh and Mr Farook. ... readmore

Creative Seminar

DreamZone Banashankari conducted a creative seminar at PES Degree College for its final year B.com students on 20th and 21st Feb, 2018. A similar creative seminar was held at the Dayanand Sagar College on 28th Feb, 2018 for the final year students of Diploma in Civil. DreamZone Banashankari once again conducted... readmore

Presentation Day

Dreamzone Bareilly conducted seminar at Rakshpal Bahadur College of Engineering and Technology, Bareilly on 7th Mar, 2018 where the non-technical department students were given a presentation on our courses along with many activities by Ms Vibhuti Verma. ... readmore

Northeast India Fashion Weekend

The fashion design students of DreamZone Guwahati took part in the Northeast India Fashion Weekend, Season 3. The event took place on 24th Feb, 2018 at the Kiranshree Grand in Azara, Guwahati. The proud DZ students that participated are Ms Dimpi Kalita, Ms Divya Govind, Ms Indrani Barua, and Ms Enakshee Sharma. ... readmore

Seminar on Rendering

DreamZone Bareilly organized a seminar on rendering activity to the students and faculty of B.Ed. Department at the Springdale Mahavidyalaya Dohna on 23rd Feb'18. The seminar was fruitful and fun as the audience was interactive. ... readmore


“Mankind has been dyeing textile for a very long time; in fact, scholars find early mention of dyeing textiles as far back as 2600 BC!” Dyeing textiles is a process in which color is transferred to a finished textile or textile material (like fibers and yarns) to add permanent and long-lasting color. It can be done by hand or by... readmore

Clay Workshop

On 10th Feb 2018, DreamZone Banashankari conducted a workshop for the Animation students to learn 3D modelling. The workshop helped the students to perfectly craft models with expert sculpting methods using various tools and techniques. The students also got to exhibit their models around the centre for visitors. ... readmore