Course Overview

Digital technology continues to influence and catalyze the ongoing evolution of interior design practices. Even a few years ago interior designs were presented using traditional presentation boards, but today the ideas are illustrated in 3D renderings.

Architects and interior designers need to be proficient in freehand sketching and drafting, but they also need to master the various methods of incorporating their hand drawing with digital three-dimensional rendering software and other digital imaging techniques.

Course Objective

The course develops a basic understanding of digital visualization and how it can be effectively used to digitally model/design interior spaces by introducing necessary modeling tools and create high-quality perspectives.

Course Curriculum

Training of 3D Max is the highlight of this course. However, the course covers basic principles of graphic design and portfolio design, rendering and animation. Lessons on basic principles of design, development of technical and manual drawing skills are also given importance.

Students are given group and individual assignments. They present their real modules. Students are expected to do 15 projects in the major areas such as 3D ad film, game assets, character design and the like.

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