Today, many organizations use design and visualization to give an overview of the product design, interior design, and several other specializations. It is a cutting-edge technology used in various design industries for incorporating hand drawings into digital 3D interpretation and other digital techniques.

Course Overview

This course will develop competencies for using digital technology in a three-dimensional shape. It will enable students to make various kinds of designs in digital format by utilizing innovative techniques, which will help them deliver better visualization of plans to clients.

Sketch-up software

This course will train students in Sketch-up software which is a leading 3D design software used in a range of projects like architectural, interior design, video game designing, and many more. It is a robust toolset that empowers you to create a 3D design on a 3D document making it easy for clients to understand the outcome of each of the models easily.

Course Objective

The purpose of the course is to provide a fundamental knowledge of design and digital visualization and to provide hands-on learning for Sketch-Up software. This acquired knowledge can be used effectively to develop a digital model and interior space with the modeling tools. The course also equips students with the skills and abilities to create efficient 3D models of buildings and interiors.

Course Curriculum

The course will offer the basic knowledge of modeling and designing spaces that will help produce a realistic model of interior design through interpretation and animation. The program will provide training on drawing layout functionality, surface rendering, and third-party plugins from the Extension Warehouse. Students will be given group and individual assignments which will make them well-acquainted with the practical knowledge about real designing projects.

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