Course Overview

Digital technology continues to influence interior design practices. Interior designing look to more innovative ways to present illustrations using 3D rendering

There has been a steep increase in the need for interior designers with the skills and knowledge to use CAD softwares to produce designs with accuracy. Also, these designs need to be compelling to customers and complement the architecture at the same. This becomes possible with the use of CAD. Hence, using CAD as the digital drawing tool of choice for interior designs allows designers to make changes easier and integrates interior design with the architect's design. Drawings can be done in full scale. Designers can show real-time 3D models with, fixtures, furniture, appliances, etc and make changes according to the wishes of the client and reuse the designs for other drawings.

Course Objective

The course furnishes students with solid, practical know-how and step-by-step CAD instructions. Enabling students master CAD software and with it, interior design.

Course Curriculum

TThe curriculum emphasis on professional applications and provides students with a set of skills that can be used to enter the profession. AutoCAD training is the highlight of this program.

The course covers the basic principles of design, wherein the development of technical and manual drawing skills are also given due importance. The syllabus also includes the Basic principles of graphic design, portfolio design, rendering and animation.

The course also includes practice sessions, workshops along with the theory sessions like seminars and workshops. Lectures addressed by leading experts from the industry. This provides students with the opportunity to interact with experts and gain a better knowledge of the industry.

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