The ‘Right’ way for GEN NEXT…

By | 10 March, 2014


• A global survey of approximately 1600 CEOs says , the leadership trait that was considered to be most crucial to success is “creativity”.

• Business council of Australia in one of its reports has called for a higher level of creativity in graduates.

In today’s world, where the competition has reached to a whole new level, money and experience does not matter more than your child being creative. Being creative is the biggest asset which will help your child achieve big in life.

It is not enough to be unique or different, but you also need to have original ideas. Children can be creative only when you give them the freedom and nurture their right brain.

You might be wondering what the right brain has to do with creativity. The answer is right side of the brain is what allows one to think creatively rather than logically. Be it engineering, medicine or arts, creativity is appreciated and will take your child a long way in their career; while the right brain rules the world!

Dream Zone firmly believes in this theory. “In the future, everything is going to be online and digital. How one score marks will not be matter but their creativity. What will matter the most is how your child can stand out from the rest; this is possible by developing the right brain.

All the successful people in the world have been successful as they thought out-of-the-box and this happens when your right side of the brain is developed well. This must be done by the age of 16 years or before, after which the right brain development at a minimalistic rate,” explains S Karaiadi Selvan, providing thought leadership to right brain development.

CADD @ School program

It is with this noble thought in mind that the CADD at School program has been developed. Dream Zone invites school children, from the age of 12 years to 16 years, to a summer camp where they will expose to the world of colours, fashion and graphics. They will be introduced to the basics of interior designing, fashion designing and also the art of free hand sketching. Who knows, they might go on to become the next Manish Malhotra or a Ritu Beri!

Your child will also learn a lesson or two on organization skills through the Five-year theory, which was also adopted by companies like Toyota and TVS.

Dream Zone through these programs, hopes to stimulate your child’s right brain and help pave a path for their success in life. They believe that creative thinking is not a talent, but s skill that can learnt.

So empower your child now…in the right way.