Optimize Products with Quick Decision Making through Supreme Human Designs

By | 19 January, 2016


Anthropometry is all about measurements and distribution of the human body. Many industries use Human Prototypes to optimize products by collecting statistical data of the physical variations. This involves the systematic measurement of the physical properties of the human body, primarily dimensional descriptors of body size and shape.

Generating humanoid structures have been in demand as most of the automotive Industries designing vehicles such as Cars, Spacecraft, military vehicles; submarines, etc. are performing a human prototype testing for their products to attain safety standards.

Generating human figures without technical support was a highly challenging task as there is no perfect model to be immediately put to work. These prototypes neither could be equipped with the responding capabilities nor could be tested for the intended environment.

Catering to these challenges, emerging technology introduces Human Modelling Solutions which create digital humans in a three- dimensional environment on which a variety of ergonomic and human factor analysis can be performed. This may lead to easy prediction of human behavior in certain conditions or environment. These tools aids users with product designs how humans in different sizes can see, reach, fit or react in some specific conditions.

Many creative skill development institutes across the globe now introduce courses in this field of Human Dimension. With expert drawing tools, professionals and students will be able to generate perfect human prototypes for various industries in a very flexible and easy manner.

Relevant courses to equip you with the Technology

The course arms the students with practical and solid know-how about the tool and technology offering step by step instruction and efficient guidelines to develop the product in the best manner there could be. Candidates master the software tools for best and appropriate human designs.

The course curriculum lays emphasis on professional knowledge offering students with an expert set of practical skills that can be applied immediately. Basic principles of graphics designs with humanoid structure design are been the focusing area of this course.

DreamZone offers highly advanced courses in human structure designing for students and professionals who desire to build career in this creative field. The course content covers aspects such as:

  • Envelopes for hands and feet,
  • Mannequin’s vision analysis with vision view windows,
  • 3D representations for field of view,
  • Vision cones,
  • Response in specific environment

The learning model is highly supported with adequate practice sessions, with practical projects and aided lectures. Students are provided with hands on experience in modeling, body texture, composition and character design.