Nail Art Giving Your Creativity an Edge

By | 13 April, 2016

Get in touch with your creative side with DreamZone’s nail art workshop

One way of knowing oneself is to get in touch with your own creativity. With social norms imposing a money earning oriented trend on young minds, creative thinking is being squished out. Exploring the various design techniques of nail art and décor provides a chance to dive into the creative folds of one’s mind and learn this intricate art of amplifying beauty. The application of nail polish originated around 5000 years ago in China and since then fingernails and toenails have been considered an important aspect of beautification process.

Speaking in terms of current trend, nail art has become an important point of focus in fashion industry with various designs and patterns being incorporated. Several complex techniques are being utilized to get the perfect pattern and texture for nails. Evolving a step further from lacquer techniques, nail art designs now utilize glitters, beads and design stamps. These complex techniques require practice and an efficient guidance to achieve a perfect nail art.  Nail art is a perfect way to bring a twist to your everyday look and standout at special occasions. Great chance to give your nails a makeover and become a style statement!

DreamZone aims to carry inquisitive minds into the vistas of fashion designing and other design and development courses. DreamZone’s nail art workshop is an introductory event to engage with such creative people and discover their talents through this activity. With this goal in mind DreamZone is organizing this nail art workshop free of cost on Saturday, 16th of April 2016. For more information please visit  or call on +91-9621579666, 8004002100, 0522-2739998. You can also pay a visit at DreamZone’s Lucknow center at 40, Vinayakpuran, Sec. 13, near JSV Hyundai, Vikas Nagar.