Industry Trends – To F.r.I.e.n.d.s.

By | 1 October, 2019

To say that F.r.i.e.n.d.s TV series was popular is an understatement. The Sitcom that brought us laughter also catered to our fashion senses was a huge hit among the audience. The show focused on 6 Friends living in Manhattan, figuring life and making the best of it.

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Rachel Green, a character from the show whose passion for anything stylish is a fashion enthusiast whose pursuit for fashion brings her to Ralph Lauren where she works for 5 years. Ralph Lauren was supportive of the show to even appear in one episode in the Sitcom. 

On September 21st when the Sitcom made its 25th anniversary, Ralph Lauren Launched an entire collection based on the character Rachel Green. Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston is a character people looked up for fashion, her styling of tweed, pencil skirts and cardigan are a classic and Ralph Lauren bringing it back is symbol by itself. 

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The brand also played homage to “Central Perk”, the COFFEE shop where the sitcom was mostly focused on by setting up a similar one at Ralph Lauren’s Bloomingdale Location where Rachel Green started her career. The set-up would make around to all Ralph Lauren’s location except the UK. 

The shopper would get to sit at the setup and enjoy a cup of coffee while shopping at Ralph Lauren. The collection is Labeled Ralph Lauren X F.r.I.e.n.d.s, one can find it online too.