Industry Trends – Redefining the Beauty of Maang Tikka

By | 22 July, 2019


Maang Tikka is an attractive piece of art that has re-entered the Indian ornamental arcade. Subsequently, all the 2019 brides have shown keen love and are all set to wear and flaunt this exclusive authentic grace while performing their wedding vows.

In the Hindu Tradition, Maang Tikka is considered to be one of the significant logos for a lady who is getting married.

It is also very essential to select the correct piece of jewellery which suits one’s persona. While choosing a Maang Tikka, one should pick the one that goes in sync with the size of her forehead.

A woman with a bigger temple should opt for a heavier/ denser Maang Tikka for that pretty look whereas those with a smaller forehead shall go with a more subtle and delicate one.

Generally, a Maang Tikka is designed alongside the entire bridal set particularly corresponding with the colours of the choker and the hoops.

You can also acquire it distinctly to create an outstanding appearance with a diverse look on the face.