Fluid fashion time ahead!

By | 3 September, 2022

As culture shook hands with creativity, Fashion tied a knot with fluidity!

As it was all set to make the gen Z  go gaga about the trending gender-neutral clothing which has turned out to be an unconventional choice to explore endless combinations in the design field. What we wear is self-expression of who we want to be! And this is what gender-fluid fashion is all about as it breaks the norms and fills a gap that is free of limits and prejudices.

Social media influencers are on a high tide to influence new fashion trends and shed light on gender -clothing. Streetwear and makeups were the categories that bridge the gaps between gender.  Women are seen wearing baggy pants and oversized hoodies that were designed to have men in mind.  Whereas men are seen wearing makeup and womenswear in a happy gesture.

With an increasing demand for gender-fluid fashion, unisex brands churn out creative styles to meet the trend, and comfort of millennials and as well as to maintain their market value.

The revolution started with brands that were looking to challenge gender norms and embrace diversity, equality and inclusivity.

Brands like Gucci, Siant Laurent, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom ford are a few examples to work on gender-neutral fashion.

Banana republic’s baby clothing also plays an example as it replaced traditional blue and pink offering which was standardized among the public. They made unisex collections that are suitable for both boys and girls.

Harry styles in the skirt, Bellie Eilish in oversized shorts and Jaden smith in crop top, Indian actor Ranveer Singh in skirt and so on are some popular celebrities spotted in gender fluid clothing.

With the more and more overwhelming need for a gender-free society, brands are still in the process to meet the need of their customers and shoot up more collections with gender-fluid silhouettes. An increasing acceptance of neutrality in the fashion and beauty industry also defines that fashion doesn’t constrain gender fluidity as a trend hence the future is Fluid!