DreamZone – A Place where Entrepreneurship and Education Coexist

By | 22 September, 2015

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“College works on the factory model, and is in many ways not suited to training entrepreneurs… Entrepreneurship works on the apprenticeship model.”    – Caterina Fake

DreamZone is a division of CADD Centre for creative development of students with a unique approach of learning. Learning of practical and skill based education, learning of realistic aspects of every module, learning of entrepreneurial skills and many more. DreamZone works hard to nourish the capability of the students, as it believes that “A dream doesn’t turn into reality through magic; it takes determination, sweat, and hard work.”

DreamZone is India’s leading creative skill development center polishes creative, technical and entrepreneurial skills of individuals. DreamZone always feels proud to mention that a number of students have started their ventures and serving to the economic growth of nation. Fashion design, Graphic Design and Interior design are the three pillars of DreamZone; on which it constructs the dreams of many every year. DreamZone’s creative skill development center engages students in learning process and injects the skills, knowledge and inspiration they need for starting up. Effective consistency in teaching is the opposite of fundamental learning. Long-established existing education systems around the globe are very excellent at teaching students to imagine causally, to situate a pre-determined aim and then get hands-on the means and resources to hit upon the well-organized way of achieving it. But in DreamZone entrepreneurship skills and education walk together hand in hand. Of course when thinking about education model focused on entrepreneurship there is the applied side, provided that implements such as market business planning, research, and out of box thinking processes. However, in DreamZone during a comprehensive entrepreneurship based programme student have to go away from ifs and buts and think through how to learn entrepreneurial behavior and reasoning with technical expertise.

Can true entrepreneurial learning work in the current education system? This is the most common but more deep-thought question pops-up when it comes to technical or professional education and the DreamZone explicit the answer from its diversified, career oriented courses.

Why DreamZone focuses on Entrepreneurship model?

  • Entrepreneurship based education is a lifetime learning procedure and it enhances the approach of candidate, simultaneously it plays a vital role in development of economy.
  • The learning standards and their supportive performance indicators are a framework for DreamZone to use in constructing appropriate learning activities, intentions, and valuations for the students.
  • DreamZone believes that by means of this agenda of education and entrepreneurial skills, students will surely have progressively more stimulating educational activities and understandings that will empower them to cultivate the insight desirable to create and discover entrepreneurial prospects.
  • Its learning process helps to inject expertise to effectively start and manage their own start-ups to yield benefit of these business opportunities.
  • Another interesting fact is that a high majority of jobs are generated by small businesses initiated by entrepreneurially inclined people, many of whom go on to generate big companies.
  • People opened to entrepreneurship recurrently express that they have more chance to practice creative freedoms, better self-esteem, and an inclusive greater sense of command over their own life-styles.
  • As an end result, many experienced business people, economists, political leaders, and educationalists believe that encouragement to a healthy entrepreneurial culture will exploit distinct and combined economic and social accomplishment on a native, nationwide, and international scale.