Unleash Your Creativity, Think Outside the Box and Win! Calling all the aspiring videographers and short filmmakers. If you’re camera enthusiast and wish to give a message with your video taking skills? DreamZone School of Creative Studies invites you to participate in the video contest, Clapboard Short Film Contest. We always try to bring the hidden talent and help them gain recognition for the same. This time again, we intend to bring audience focus on the subject through videography and take a step towards improvement. Awaiting recognition for your skills? You’ve got to earn it! The three best quality videos will be the winners of the contest. So make sure your video is famous on social media so that it receives exclusive recognition. The preregistration for the video contest opens on 18th April and ends on 31st May, 2018. The entries can be submitted from 1st May to 31st May, 2018. It is divided into two groups by age:
Group 1 Age: 14-18 years
  • Save the Planet
  • Lead Healthy Life
  • Abide by Traffic Rules
Group 2 Age: 19-25 years
  • Prioritize your Family
  • Fight with Stress/Depression
  • Abide by Traffic Rules
How to participate in Clapboard?
  • Register yourself in the form below to participate.
  • Pick social messages from the themes suggested.
  • Prepare a script, shoot the video, and edit the video.
  • To submit your video, upload in Google Drive and share the downloadable link to corpcom@dreamzone.co.in, OR share through www.wetransfer.com to corpcom@dreamzone.co.in.
What are points to focus on the video?
  • Submit up to two videos (in two themes); more than two videos from one participant will not be accepted.
  • Keep the video length of minimum 45 seconds and maximum 120 seconds.
  • Don't spend extravagantly to win the contest and thus, keep the budget low.
What will participants take away?
  • Every video will be shared on the official Facebook page of DreamZone for its vast audience.
  • The winning films will be screened at the prestigious DreamZone event of Anigra.
  • Many more exciting prizes!
T&C Apply
Let your creativity take wings, register yourself here for Clapboard Short Film Contest. Questions? Email us at: corpcom@dreamzone.co.in Call us at: 044 45966125
Narrate the message appropriately in the video.
Encourage people to feel hopeful about the future and give a positive outlook.
Focus on the technical quality of the video.
Registration Closed