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Certificate Course on Jewelry 3D Printing(80 hours)

With the advancement of 3D printing technologies, 3D modelling and 3D printing has taken a turn into more complex designs that were once considered nearly impossible to produce. With this course candidates learns to implement their designs by creating design files, selecting materials and finalizing textures to be instructed to the 3D printers.

Course module covers

This course takes a plunge in the concepts of 3D printing and designing using high complexity standards making a candidate adept in 3D printing technologies. Course outline includes:-

  • 3DS MAX
  • 3D printing

Career Opportunities

3D printing is trending in today’s era. Taking this course not only enlightens students to become practiced in jewelry designing but also a student can implement this knowledge in making molds for casting jewelry & other designing fields. Career opportunities include:-

  • 3D print jewelry designer

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