Top 10 Web Development Trends of 2019

By | 19 August, 2019


Web Development Trends tend to change every single year, making it mandatory for the policymakers to keep themselves updated with them so as to ace up with the competitive market.

Below mentioned are some of the major web development trends of 2019 giving you a concentrated piece of information about the major developments that have, or are expected to take place in the web development field.


1.) Progressive Web Apps (PWA):

More like a mobile app, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is the UX based web application, utilizing the latest web technologies thereby making the entire browsing experience more user friendly.

In crux, PWA is a web-apps that are built and delivered directly via web and are very fast and reliable to provide an interactive experience.

2.) Single Page Application (SPA):

Single Page Application (SPA ) organizes the web content in a systematic manner. It brings in all the necessary information on a single page avoiding all the clutter, thereby serving the users with only the relevant data, that too on a single scrollable page.

SPA concepts and development processes are mostly based on JavaScript and the Angular and React frameworks respectively.

3.) The Chatbot:

AI (Artificial intelligence) has developed to that extent, where even bots can answer the questions or solve the queries of the customers way more efficiently than humans. For example Face book Chat bots created their own language of communication. Similarly, Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft revolutionized the AI and created their own chatbots like Alexa Etc.

4.) JavaScript

JavaScript that was prominent is 2018 is expected to follow the same dominance is 2019 due to more powerful frameworks and libraries. Like always the React and Angular shall be fighting the same battle in 2019 also and as per the Google trends, React will be dominating Angular in 2019.

5.) Motion UI:

Motion UI is becoming more popular now a days, transforming the whole website by adding some animations, GIF’s or any other unique style (through static UI), that outshines the website from others making it more popular.

6.) The Block chain:

The potential of block chains can never be hidden by web developers. All the distributed ledgers of the block chain offer extra security and authenticating thousands of transactions instantaneously. It also helps in auditing the supply chain, Smart Contracts, decentralized file storage, etc. Due to all these fabulous features Block chain technology will retain its popularity and get more friction in the coming year.

7.) Website Notification:

Website notifications help in keeping the user engaged by providing all the latest updated information, which can easily beat any other notification mode such as SMS, social media, and emails, etc.

All these website notifications come in a very simple, organized and a scheduled manner without any complications.

8.) The Google AMP:

Google has transformed the mobile browsing experience and has taken it to another level. The company was the first one to introduce the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project in 2015 which gained so much popularity that it became one of the latest trends in web technologies. Basically, AMP was created to develop such kind of websites that load instantly and operate smoothly in all the mobile devices.

9.) User Behaviour Tracking:

User Behaviour Tracking is one of the prominent technology for web developers in 2019. User Behaviour Tracking is a medium of interacting with the customers by providing them with different services like mouse movement, user behavior, and the number of clicks, patterns of choice, user interaction, etc.

10.) Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

Although this technology was introduced in 2017, but all the web developers will now be able to access these technologies. Virtual Reality assists in creating independent digital words whereas the Augmented Reality adds digital content to reality.

Both the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality come with an additional feature to create and develop extraordinary visual effects.

For example,  Alibaba has already adopted Virtual reality, providing its users with digital 3D replicas of all their products, giving a new dimension to the users.

Technology is revolutionizing every bit of our life and we are excited to have some more cool transformations in 2019.