Industry trends that every fashion designer should know

By | 16 April, 2019

Fashion design is known to be a challenging profession. Mentioned below are some of the industry trends that all designer should know during the early stage of their career.

Empowerment of designer

Online growth will provide designers various options for ecommerce. It will not necessarily solve each and every other problem that will come with starting one brand. For instance, designers are seen to work with too much effort for creating designs that their customers will love. But the product on its own will never be getting developed without any manufacturing partner for producing them. There are several growing companies that try to take the next step. Thus they offer platforms that will solve some logistical obstacles in case of entrepreneurial designers. Designers frequently understand how vital branding and social media is. But are never sales and consumer behavior experts. Designers who are undergoing fashion design training are supposed to have a focus on product. It will make sense that the remaining business consists of loose ends. Ecommerce and manufacturing platforms are building the way in the front for designers.


Marketplace in Asia

A developing middle class in various countries in Asia is controlling important growth in that region. It is expected that regional market will increase by almost $17 billion in the next 7 years. Designers who wish to get hold of new markets can actually get benefitted from making themselves familiarized with the style trends in the marketplace to enter into such growth. The sales potential in the middle of this growth has significance. For the designers who are a part of fashion design training in such regions it is crucial to enhance the production right now. It must suit the expected increase in the demand.

Social commerce

All people are aware of the significance of a brand’s social media. Social media has a huge impact on the type of attire and accessories the consumers purchase. Social commerce has a deeper meaning. It is more than any promoted post on any social media platform or any influencer providing a review online.


Fashion design training encourages the designer to embrace these industry trends. Thus it helps them to consider what experience they need to bring in. So it determines what assistance they require to aid in launching their brand.