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Anigra Videos
Watched A film urging the working parents to spend more time with their kids.
Purchase Bill Please Reinforcing the importance of asking for bill after every purchase.
Spark An advertisement on Spark shoes.
DreamZone An advertisement on DreamZone
The Alarm An advertisement on Leon Alarms
Turn Your Life Turn your life around with traffic safety rules
Overcome Solution to overcoming every negative situations
First Medicine Highlighting the importance of water and why we should not waste it.
Brain Hacking A film about two friends who after the brain hacking chip invented by one of them
Reflection Of Sin A film on learning from others mistakes
U&Me True love stays forever, even when one fails to live
I Din't Drink But I Died A film on how drinking and driving affects even those who don't drink and drive.
Endru Thanium PSA on sexual abuse awareness
Delo Pins An advertisement on Delo Pins
Ninja Quest Ninjas from two different clans fight for the sacred water.
Thunindhusel Creating awareness for the transgenders who are often shunned in our community.
Puthumugam Never judge anyone at first sight. You can never know their entire story in just a few minutes.
Kozhi How do children become orphans? A film depicted through chickens.
Delo Eraser An advertisement on Delo Erasers
3rm inam Creating awareness for the transgenders who are shunned in our community.
Yenakkul Oruvan Motivational, confidence-boosting film. Never give up!
Forgotten Things Sometimes we overlook and forget the most important of things.
She Was There, Not A group of friends messing around with an Ouija Board. What followed next was not expected.