Course Overview

Softwares play a major role in designing, especially in the development and implementation of various aspects to a design.

Software enables designers to not only visualize their jewelry designs in 2D and proceed with 3D modelling, they also enable them to create multiple prototypes. This certification course aims to introduce candidates to new and highly advanced tools that are now used for the JCADD purposes and 3D Print Manufacturing.

Course Curriculum

The modules cover the designing of a jewelry concept, 3D modelling and the process of 3D printing using a basic CAD software. The course modules include:

  • Corel DRAW/illustrator (20 hrs.)
  • Photoshop (20 hrs.)3ds Max (56 hrs.)
  • 3d Printing (24 hrs.)

Career Opportunities

This combo course empowers students and even working professionals to work as jewelry designers in the industry. The varied career opportunities in this field for which such skilled candidates are:

  • 3D Print Jewelry Designer
  • CADD Jewelry Designer

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