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Advanced Certificate in JCADD & 3D Print Manufacturing(120 Hours)

Fast moving trends have brought out the concept of design developments. The new software enables the designers to visualize their jewelry design in 2 dimensions and proceed with 3D modelling of the product using software for 3D printing. Many prototypes can be created through this advanced technology. The certification introduces the candidates to the new and highly advanced tools that are now used for the JCADD purposes and 3D Print Manufacturing.

The Course Modules include

This modules covers the designing of a jewelry concept in a basic software, 3D modelling with software and the process of 3D printing. The course modules include:

  • Corel DRAW/illustrator (20 hrs.)
  • Photoshop (20 hrs.)
  • 3ds Max (56 hrs.)
  • 3d Printing (24 hrs.)

Career Opportunities

This combo course empowers students or even working professionals to work across the creative industry of Jewelry Designing. The varied career opportunities in which such skilled candidates can work are:

  • 3D Print Jewelry Designer
  • CADD Jewelry Designer

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